Thursday 29 September 2022

Lesvos - Day 15: 22nd September 2022

Going home day. The usual packing and repacking, eating breakfast, repeating the first two tasks and then after fond farewells a last bump through Loutzaria to the Saltpans. It was still rather quiet but there were a few Red-backed Shrikes, Spotted Flycatchers and Willow Warblers to act as an appropriate Lesvos send off before waving at the Flamingos shining in the morning light.

Red-backed Shrike

Spotted Flycatcher

Willow Warbler - these three species are the triumvirate of Lesvos passage passerines

Mytilini only had one extra diversion but we wended our way through ok before a trouble free flight bar an interesting bit of 'jerk to one side turbulence' when we moved through the wash of the descending plane in front!  the view over the Suffolk coast was magnificent as we came in just south of the River Alde.

Every year and every visit to Lesvos is different and there is always something to cause wonderment- it never disappoints.

The Suffolk coast from the River Alde to Lowestoft

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