Tuesday 4 June 2024

Hungary Day 7 - 24th May 2024 for Bird's Wildlife & Nature Tours

Time to head home after some breakfast Hawfinches. Somehow we managed several micro stops in between truly terrifying thunderstorms and deluges. The first scrubby roadside stop not far from Noszvaj held singing Nightingales, Marsh Warbler, Blackcap, Cuckoos, Turtle Doves, Tree Sparrows, Golden Orioles and our first Garden Warbler. Can you imagine that at home here in the UK? We stood by the van for just five minutes and soaked it all in.

The next stop at a reedy lake had Great White Egrets and Purple Herons on the nest, gurking Great Reed Warblers, Penduline Tits and two brief views of a Baillon's Crake! We got back in the van in the nick of time as the bruised sky opened up.

To the left was the view above!

Purple Heron - Neil Colgate

Sakers were seen on pylons and a motorway toilet stop saw us watching a 2cy Eastern Imperial Eagle soaring overhead while Nightingales sang and Bee-eaters swooped across the fields.

Man made Stork nests used on many of the telegraph poles

Eastern Imperial Eagle - all three Neil Colgate

We made it safely back to the airport in Budapest after a compact and perfectly formed introduction to this wonderful country with a great crew and the expert guiding of Gabor and Andrea. The scenery is diverse with the sweeping Steppe grasslands and rolling but steep wooded hills and hopefully I will get another chance to visit soon.

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