Wednesday 29 May 2019

Dinner Suit Corvid

May 18th
A quick pop out on a dreary morning to Palm Bay in Margate where after a little searching the magnificent Pied Crow popped in to say hello. Having toured the country for about a year now, it was nice that he at last chose to visit close to home. 

This was one of my favourite species from the Gambia in December and brought back memories of Africa. The park run joggers were bemused by him watching them from the bench before he returned to the low tide rock pools to scavenge with his mono-chrome cousins.

He stayed for a couple more days  before departing for the Netherlands where he is continuing is exploratory tour or Europe.  Crows are such inquisitive characters and think nothing about hopping on a boat to poke around before finding themselves in distant parts.  

Even our local Carrion Crows on the Thames still regularly hitch lifts on the back of the barges being towed up and down the river from Westminster to Pitsea.  

I am not one to dwell on origins. It is a Pied Crow; I like Pied Crows therefore I have seen a Pied Crow...

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