Tuesday 29 December 2015

Autumn Is Coming - and yes I know that technically it is now Winter and feels more like Spring

I have barely been out this month with work taking priority and with little time to wind down but last night in a bid to relax after a mad day on the reserve I fortuetously rediscovered a scrap of paper with a few lines of an invisiged poem called Autumn Is Coming that was born on the way to Cornwall in early October.

So I settled down and completed my journey. The response to the poetry section of my exhibition in the hide at RSPB Rainham Marshes has made me smile and I hope you will enjoy this one too....

Autumn Is Coming

Autumn leaves start to look their best
As you wend your way down to the west.
They twirl behind you in your wake
Like some mobile insubstantial snake.

Golden yellow Maples and lime green Ash
Form citrus colour banks that boldly clash
With the blood red Dogwoods and scarlet Guelder Rose
And the pink fruits of Spindle tucked down in the lows.

Mighty Oaks are still largely clad in their green
While the burnished Beeches are a sight to be seen
As they nestle amongst the dark needles of Pine
And the leaves of Gean coloured like Beaujolais wine.

Banks of fiery pink topped Willowherb
Form great swathes right down to the kerb
While sunshine hued Birches shake their leaves
At the slightest provocation from the breeze.

And yet we reach a certain spot
Where Summer cares not a jot
For the cooling fingers of Autumn’s embrace
And refuses so readily to join the race.

And as we enter the true South-west
Summer hangs on and does her best
To keep Autumn’s colours firmly at bay
And let her joyous greens enjoy their days.

But that leafy snake that followed us west
Will have its way and does not rest
And every green will turn and fall
And become a blanket throughout Winters thrall.

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