Monday 15 April 2024

Sri Lanka - the place and people - an afterword

During the course of my two weeks in Sri Lanka I tried to capture some images of the hustle and bustle of this wonderful country.  The towns were crammed full of an inordinate number of Tuk-Tuks in every colour you can imagine.  All were customised and chromed up and often full of more people and merchandise that feasibly possible.  Buses were shiny and belching smoke and the local lorries were painted and decorated on almost every surface.

The shop fronts and stalls were full of colour and many seemed to specialise in just one thing – flip-flops, washing buckets, bananas, lottery tickets, ceremonial bridal garb and such like. The people were varied in attire with western clothes mixing alongside traditional outfits and umbrellas jostled along the pavements.

The people were genuinely the friendliest, politest and happiest I have ever come across.

I did my best to take some shots on my phone through the bus windows.  I will let them tell the slightly blurry story.

Please note the Limo Tuk-tuk to the left 

The Odd Flip-flop Stall

Watching the cricket on the way home with the veg

Policeman giving a Policeman a ticket?!

Singer shops were everywhere

Hindu festival in Nuwara Eliya

A devout Hindu hook hanging

Not for the squeamish.

Post a letter? Buy some flip-flops or a banana?  Nope - I need a big hooky blade

Beware the Police Tuk-tuk

or the KFC delivery Tuk-tuk

More car bumpers than you can imagine...

Who's getting on the back?

And I will leave you with the upwardly mobile monks in Victoria Park

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  1. We had 2 competitions running in Cambodia.
    Most people on a motorbike (7)
    Oddest load on a motorbike.
    Tie between a double mattress and a passenger carrying his own drip on a stand. The drip was taped into his arm.