Tuesday 28 February 2023

Four Days in East Anglia - Day 4 - 24th February 2023

After a good night’s sleep I said my farewells and wiggled back through to Carlton Marshes as the idea of going home without doing any birding just seemed wrong and anyway, I had a Wagtail score to settle.

It was grey and cold and quite breezy once again and I enjoyed my couple of hours scanning Petos for the pesky vagrant.  I did at least see the Eastern Yellow Wagtail this time but only because it called as it flew over to the marsh behind denying me once again with on the deck views!  There seemed to be fewer duck around from even three days previously but the Black-tailed Godwit flock was very impressive and gave a spectacular display when disturbed by a female Marsh Harrier.

Black-tailed Godwits

The three Ruff and Dunlin were still present but there were fewer Snipe and a handful of Golden Plover.  Two Great White Egrets included the bird with straw coloured legs which was wading around in the middle of the pools and given that over 20 roosted at nearby Fritton the other week I suspect it will not be long before they breed and the reedbeds here look perfect.

Dutch coloured marked Ruff - @PaulGreenWire 

A large flock of Pink-feet appeared in the northern distance before dropping back out view but could be clearly heard even from so far off. A few Pied Wagtails and two smart Water Pipits were found on my many searches and I scanned the big gulls for anything different but had to be content with an array of subspecies!  

Water Pipit

Water Pipit

Great White Egret


Gull action (and a Carrion Crow)

I left Carl Buttle looking for the Wagtail and unsurprisingly he rediscovered it ten minutes after I had left the site and was at the Wrens having a cuppa and some soup before the journey home!

Chinese Water Deer

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