Monday 15 January 2024

Lowestoft Life - 1st - 3rd January 2024

I almost made it to midnight on the 31st December – well, I was in bed and heard the fireworks but did stumble out of bed and down to Pakefield Beach to see the sunrise on a new year.  The only problem with a visible PB sunrise is that the sea is actually quite difficult to watch but I gave it a little while and saw at least 50 Red-throated Divers, two Kittiwake and an adult Gannet before deciding that a coffee was better option.

The rest of the day was rather wasted by some quality slothage around the house trying to do as little as possible…

Rain followed but an evening visit to the woods at Frostenden to look for Moths on the 3rd was surprisingly good with dozens of Winter Moths on the trunks including two almost wingless females in cop.  We also saw a Spring Usher and a couple of Mottled Umber along with 13 Chestnut and singles of both Dark and Dotted Chestnuts, a vivid lime Red Green Carpet, a single Agonopterix heracliana and two case bearing species with the familiar Psyche casta and the new Taleporia tubulosa.


Dark Chestnut

Dotted Chestnut

Mottled Umber

Mottled Umber

Red-Green Carpet

Spring Usher

Winter Moth

Winter Moth

Winter Moths in love

Taleporia tubulosa

There were so many Spiders out hunting the trunks for straying Moths and Gnats while the same grey Slugs from the last visit along with Yellow Slugs cruised easily in all directions.  We found two hibernating Seven Spot and Orange Ladybirds and singles of both Bronze and Green Shieldbug while two young Smooth Newts were seen out foraging which was not expected.

Anyphaena cf numida

Drapetisca socialis

Drapetisca socialis

Metellina segmentata or mengei

Metellina segmentata or mengei

Nuctenia umbratica

Tetragnatha montana

Big Mosquito species

Orange Ladybird

Smooth Newt

Tawny and Little Owls were heard and a Fox barked before we returned for dinner.

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