Thursday 25 June 2020

Gorgeous Green Eyes 25th June 2020

Today was just far too hot.  I foolishly walked up the road to Rede Common at 8.30 in the hope of finding some Hairstreaks but I never even took a single picture as everything I saw was just hyped up on sunshine! One White-letter zoomed between the Elms and plenty of other butterflies were zipping around but nothing at all settled and with the back of my legs burning I decided to head back home again!

However sitting around at home was not much better and so a jaunt out at lunchtime to have some air blowing through the windows was a good call although I did resist sticking my head out of the window like an excitable dog.

My loop took me circuitously to Grove Ferry where I was the only person foolish enough to venture out for a loop around.  

The breeze had got up and I suspect that only exacerbated the 30c heat. However, it was worth my effort as I saw a couple of Green Eyed Hawkers on the way down the track before finding 14 more hunting together in the lee of a big sallow by one of the closed hides. They were so active but I did try to get some flight shots and just hoped that one would eventually land.

Green Eyed Hawker

Green Eyed Hawker

Green Eyed Hawkers

Green Eyed Hawker

Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Variable Damselflies were in the grass verges and several teneral Ruddy Darters were adopting the obelisk position to diffuse the heat.

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Variable Damselfly



I carried on around and picked up several pinging Bearded Tits and the usual warblers and a pair of Marsh Harriers were seen over the reedbeds and two Green Sandpipers flicked up and away suggesting that autumn is on the way.


Getting views of the ditches was tricky but I did find one where an Emperor was hunting alongside a Green Eyed who thankfully decided to perch up for me for a while.

Green Eyed Hawker

Green Eyed Hawker

There were lots of very fresh Peacocks, Red Admirals and Small Torts and many were engaged with mid-air tussles with the Hawkers but not one was seen on the many Buddlia bushes alongside the River Stour.



Fish ‘n’ Chips and then another inland loop homewards to avoid the chaos of the M2 and all the people leaving Margate and Whitstable for the day!

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