Monday 26 September 2022

Lesvos - Day 5: 12th September 2022

A non-birdy sort of day that started with a magnificent close Oriental Hornet encounter on the balcony. The early cloud soon burnt off as we headed east back towards Mytilene and off down to Plomari so that Mum and Dad could visit the Barbayanni Ouzo factory and museum with free tasters as usual. Mum was rather taken with Ouzo Man…

Oriental Hornet 

Lunch on the coast near Agios Isidoros saw Bee-eaters and four hirundine species heading out to sea towards mainland Turkey while at our feet Swallowtails visited the Rock Samphire and the rock pools below held Marbled Rock Crabs and skinny little Hermits in spiralled Topshells while Blennies avoided my camera.


Common Blue

Hoverfly - I think it is one of the cryptic Merodons that you see here

No idea what this curious seaweed might be

What a funny little Hermit with spotty eyes - each leg 'hair' is a very fine spine

Topshells without Hermits

Marbled Rock Crab

Limonium virgatum

The Ford Focus was probably not up to the dirt road out of Plomari so we retraced our steps and inadvertently (still not sure how!) ended up on the proper coast road where we found an old pump windmill Μύλος Περάματος before re-joining the main road once again.

 Parents in Plomari 

 Plomari Harbour

Sea Urchins

The Evergetoulas was dry almost all the way to the usual bridge north of Karini but at that point there were two each of Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail along with Blue Featherleg, Broad Scarlets, Violet Dropwings and Red-veined Darters and a selection of skittish butterflies.



Common Blue

Small Copper

female Violet Dropwing

Blue Featherleg

Blue Featherleg

The mighty Verbascum sinuatum

Back to the Pela and then just a short circuit of Loutzaria pre dinner where there were very few small birds at all but two male Red-backed Shrikes were feeding in the same field.

Red-backed Shrike - same perch as yesterday

Red-backed Shrike - cracking male

A change of vehicle saw a post dinner trundle up to Anaxos with a grunting Night Heron and Scops Owl from the Pela before this unscheduled pop out.

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